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CNC Systems

Sherline now offers lathe and mill Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) systems that are so complete, they include a new computer (monitor not included) with preloaded software. This means you just unpack the machine and computer (monitor not included), connect the cables to the X, Y, and Z axes stepper motors, boot it up, and start working on, learning, and using CNC.

The system is available complete with lathe or mill, or it can be purchased as a retrofit for those who want to upgrade an existing Sherline machine to CNC. Complete shop packages including a CNC lathe, CNC mill, CNC 4th axis rotary table, and a long list of accessories can also be ordered. We offer the 4-axis driver board and power supply as a separate item for those who wish to use Sherline tools and motors, but plug it into their own Windows-based computer or install Linux and EMC on their own computer.

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