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LM2-2000/LM2-5000 - Sherline Suspended Hydraulic Estimating Scale
LM2-2000/LM2-5000 - Sherline Suspended Hydraulic Estimating Scale

Product #: LM2-2000/5000


Take the guesswork out of loading heavy items.

The Sherline suspended hydraulic scale is intended to help you determine approximate weights for use in loading vehicles or trailers. It can also be helpful in any job where placing an item on a scale is not pratical. It can be suspended from a block and tackle lift, an A-frame, or a forklift blade. It can also be used horizontally to test pull strength. It has found practical use in farming for weighing bales of hay and tobacco.

The Sherline scale was designed to provide reasonable accuracy at an affordable price. The gage used on the standard model is rated to be accurate to within 2% of the overall range of the gage at a mid-range reading. At high or low scale readings, the accuracy is 3%. In most cases this is close enough to assure you are within the safe range of your loading parameters. If your accuracy demands are higher, a different type of scale is recommended. For example, if you are buying material at $50 a pound, you don't want to be off by 10 pounds, which is $500! For that reason, the Sherline scale is not to be used for trade purposes (items sold by weight). It is stricly for obtaining approximate figures for loading heavy items, and in that context it is an excellent choice for the money.

The scale uses a simple hydraulic principle to convert pressure into a reading in pounds on the gage. With only one moving part and no delicate springs or electronics, it is sturdy and easy to maintain. It is offered with your choice of gage range: 0-2000 lb or 0-5000 lb.

The scale is machined from solid billets of steel and aluminum and has forged hooks at either end. The easy-to-read gage is 4" in diameter. Overall length is 14" and actual weight is 5.7 lb. One year guarantee.


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