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5400A/5410A - Deluxe Mill Package
5400A/5410A - Deluxe Mill Package

45260 - 15" Extended column - $94.50
54182 - 18" Extended Mill Table - $194.25

The 5400 (inch) or 5410 (metric) deluxe mill with 12" base can be ordered with a selection popular accessories. Included are all the items you need to set up for most milling jobs including cutting tools and holding fixtures.

Included with the mill are the following accessories:

  • 3072 1/4" Jacobs Drill Chuck w/ #1 Morse Arbor, Key, and Drawbolt
  • 3013 Step Block Hold-down Set
  • 3020 5/32" Sherline Hex T-Driver
  • 3021 3 pc. Center Drill Set
  • 3052 Fly Cutter w/ 1/4" Carbide Cutting Tool
  • 3060 3-pc. Mill Collet Set w/ Drawbolt
  • 3079 3/8" End Mill Holder
  • 3551 Milling vise
  • 5327 Sherline Accessories Shop Guide book
  • 7401 6-pc. 3/8" Shank End Mill Set

See the individual page in the "MILLS" section on the 5400/5410 mill for more details on the machine itself and what comes with it. The package includes everything shown in the photo above.

Available in your choice of inch or metric handwheel graduations. Machines in the package can also be ordered with digital readouts or CNC stepper motor mounts factory installed. (Note that CNC-ready machines cannot be operated manually until stepper motors are installed.) See dropdown menu below to specify your choice of model.


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