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6540LAZ / 6541LAZ - Laser Engraving Plate and X/Y Base with 18
6540LAZ / 6541LAZ - Laser Engraving Plate and X/Y Base with 18" Table

Product #: 6540LAZ / 6541LAZ

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6540-LAZ (6541-LAZ metric) Laser Engraving Plate & XY Slide w/18″ Table
The XY base is shown in manual configuration, but it is also available with NEMA 23 stepper motor mounts for CNC operation.

About the XY Table and 18″ Laser Engraving Plate


The photo shows the new X/Y table up close and integrated with a Langolier Open Table system.


Shortly after Sherline purchased a new engraving laser from Jimani we decided to manufacture our own laser engraving tooling plate. Jimani was already using our rotary table, and since we make our own X/Y tables we believed that we could build a custom X/Y table with a tooling plate that would enhance the operation of the laser while adding ease and versatility to set-ups.

The tooling plate is 8″ x 18″ x ¾” black anodized 6061 aluminum.

This tooling plate was designed to mount on our 18″ Industrial X/Y Slide (P/N 6540/6541). The slide has 5″ of Y-axis travel and 13.6″ of X-axis travel. Handwheels are calibrated in .001″ increments for P/N 6540 and in .01mm increments for P/N 6541.

We at Sherline Products believe that our 8″ x 18″ laser engraving tooling plate will be a great addition to any engraving laser. Custom tooling plate hole patterns can be quoted upon request.

Some of the Features of the Tooling Plate

  • (115 Green) Dual purpose ¼” holes, on 1″ centers. These holes are threaded ¼-20 on the bottom and reamed to ¼” on the top. This allows each hole to be used as a “part locating” hole when you insert a ¼” dowel pin. Each hole can also be used as a clamping hole using the ¼-20 thread.
  • In addition to the ¼-20 holes, the plate also has (16 Red) 10-32 holes which are positioned to mount our Sherline rotary table (P/N 8730) and tilting angle plate (P/N 3750).
  • There are (5 Black) ¼” through holes for locating the tooling plate square to the table.
  • There is one (Purple) 5/16″ oiler access hole so you can fill the mill saddle oiler without removing the tooling plate.
  • There are (10 Blue) T-nut mounting holes to assemble the plate to our mill table.

See diagram below for hole location and description.

Click on diagram to view a larger image.


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