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3014 - Step Block Hold-down Set
3014 - Step Block Hold-down Set

Product #: 3014
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About the 1/4″ Step Block Hold-Down Set

This 1/4″ Hold-Down Set was designed to be used with our Laser Engraving Tooling Plate (P/N 3560-LAZ) and our Rotary Table “3D Scanning Plate” (P/N’s 37258, 372510, & 372512). Both of these accessories have 1/4-20 threaded holes for clamping and locating parts.

When laser engraving or scanning parts, there is no force being exerted on the part. In the laser engraving application, the clamping system is there to ensure that the fixture being used to engrave the parts does not move. In the laser scanning application, the clamp is being used to hold the part stationary while it is being scanned and/or rotated.

When using the clamps for laser engraving, you can either clamp the fixture directly to the tooling plate, or you can use the clamps to wedge the fixture against the locating pins.


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