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Reverse Rotary Table
Reverse Rotary Table

Product #: 3700-OP
Price: $343.50

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The reverse rotary table is perfect for using on the tilting angle table (P/N 3750). The reverse mount allows access to the handwheel from the front of the machine (see photo below). If you used a standard rotary table in the previously described set-up the handwheel would be mounted facing the backside of the X-axis.

3700-OP Rotary Table set up on a 3750 Tilting Angle Table. Click on image for a larger view.

For in-depth details about the Sherline 4″ Rotary Table CLICK HERE.

Included Parts:
  • 2 35580 Hold-down clamps
  • 4 30561 10-32 T-nuts
  • 2 40330 SHC Screw, 10-32 X 5/8″
  • 2 40510 SHC Screw, 10-32 X 3/8″
  • 1 37090 Chuck Adapter

The reverse rotary table is also available with a stepper motor mount attached ready for the application of a stepper motor and CNC controls. See P/N 3700-CNC-OP.

If you would like to convert your current rotary table to a reverse set-up you can send it back to Sherline and we can make the change for a $60.00 charge. Just call one of our customer service representatives to set up a work order.

NOTE: Because components of the table are ground as a set during production, the P/N 3700-OP rotary table cannot be upgraded to the P/N 3700-CNC-OP version later on. A new rotary table with stepper motor worm housing must be purchased.

Download PDF 3700 Instructions

Instructions PDF Download


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