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Riser Insert 3/8 Tool Post
Riser Insert 3/8 Tool Post

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A riser tool post is used to bring the cutting tool back to lathe centerline height when using a riser block to raise the headstock to turn larger diameter parts. The riser 3/8″ insert tool post holds either a 3/8″ square shank insert tool holder or a 3/8″ round holder.

This tool post is the riser version of Sherline’s standard height P/N 7600 insert holder tool post. It  is designed to fit the larger 3/8″ square and round holders commonly used for carbide or diamond inserted tips. It will also hold Sherline’s own P/N 2256 (RH) and P/N 2257 (LH) 35° inserted tip tool holders. It is machined from solid aluminum and has a black anodized finish.

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