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Index Block Set
Index Block Set

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For simple indexing jobs, Sherline now offers a set of two blocks. Something similar to this has been around in machine shops for years utilizing 5C collets, but we adapted this set to take all the tools and accessories that will fit the spindle of your Sherline tools.

A hexagonal block allows indexing to three or six sides, and an octagonal block allows indexing to two, four or eight sides. By mounting your part on the block with a collet or chuck, the block is held in a mill vise on the table. Once located, the first operation is completed. Then the vise is loosened, the block is indexed to the next side, the vise is retightened and the next operation is completed. It is quite simple, but very effective for the most common patterns you will probably do repeatedly, such as the six flats on a hex nut. A drawbolt is available (P/N 11681) to hold WW collets in the #1 Morse taper. A 3/4-16 thread on top accepts Sherline chucks. Now you can do simple patterns without math and without even moving the mill table!

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