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Rotary Column Attachment
Rotary Column Attachment

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The headstock on the Sherline mill can be rotated so that milling cutters can be used at an angle. However, once the spindle is pivoted, it no longer aligns with the movement of the Z-axis, and the handwheel cannot be used to advance the spindle for drilling. Parts to be angle-drilled must be mounted to the table at the proper angle. This is possible with the P/N 3750 Tilting Angle Table if part size permits, but it is more difficult than mounting them flat. The rotary column attachment goes between the mill column and base to allow the entire column to be rotated to any angle up to 90° in either direction. Now the Z-axis handwheel advances the spindle along its axis, allowing angle drilling to be accomplished on parts mounted square to the table. A laser engraved collar and magnifying scribe lens make it easy to set angles accurately by eye. No additional holes are required for retrofit. (Not required on 2000-series mills or multi-direction vertical milling columns, as it is already included in those packages.)

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