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Milling Vise
Milling Vise

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The most convenient way to hold small parts for milling is with the milling vise. Milling vises are different from other machine vises in that they are designed to hold the movable jaw down while clamping, eliminating any chance for the jaw to lift. It is also accurately made. A cheap drill press vise is almost useless on a milling machine, because it can’t be accurately aligned to the machine. The Sherline milling vise is sized just right to be the perfect working companion to the Sherline milling machine. The jaws are 2.00" (50.8mm) wide by 1.00" (25.4mm) deep and open a full 2.00" (50.8mm). The fixed jaw has both a horizontal and vertical "V" groove to facilitate holding round bar stock. The vise includes two clamps for use in attaching it to the milling machine. These clamps are the same as the 4-jaw hold-down set (P/N 3058).

Replacement parts:

30561 - 10-32 T-nuts
35020 - Moveable Vise Jaw Assembly
35030 - Fixed Jaw Insert
35040 - Moveable Jaw
35060 - Convex Washer
35070 - 6-32 x 3/8″ Flt Hd Phil Screw
35100 - Vise Body (For all vises made after March 1993)
35120 - Vise Pulldown Member
35130 - 10-32 x 1-5/8″ SHC Screw
35580 - Hold Down Clamp
40330 - 10-32 x 5/8″ SHC Screw

Download PDF 3551 Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

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