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12" XYZ Base CNC-ready

Product #: 5420-CNC/5430-CNC

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15" Extended Column CNC + $98.50
18" Extended Mill Table + $194.25

Any Sherline mill can be ordered with stepper motor mounts factory installed in place of the handwheels and ready for the application of stepper motors and computer numeric controls (CNC). Sherline supplies the mounts, and several aftermarket suppliers offer motors, drivers and software to complete the CNC system. You supply the 486 or better computer. See our CNC Dealers page for a list of supplies and links to their home pages.

Sherline recommends using dual shaft stepper motors so that handwheels can be applied to the rear shaft for manual control. With that in mind, handwheels for each axis are included with the machine, although they cannot be used until stepper motors are installed. Sherline also offers high quality stepper motors, which can be found in the accessories section of this site.

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