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5/32" 0JT Chuck with #0 Morse adjustable back

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The P/N 1016 chuck with adjustable backplate brings a new level of centering accuracy to the 5/32″ chuck. Extremely tiny drill bits require perfect centering or they are easily broken. By adjusting the front plate in relation to the rear plate which is mounted in the tailstock, perfect centering with the headstock can be achieved. This means your tiny drills hit the exact center of your part every time and do not break due to misalignment. This chuck can easily pay for itself in less broken bits in a short time.

NOTE: If you already have a P/N 1015 5/32″ chuck, you can purchase just the backing plate which is P/N 1204. The 0JT arbor that is pressed into the back of the chuck can be tapped out and the chuck can be pressed onto the arbor of the 1204. If you have the 1010 chuck (#1 MT back) intend to change back and forth on a regular basis, we recommend you purchase the 1016 chuck separately to avoid constantly pressing the chuck onto and off of the tapered back.


  • Chuck Capacity - 5/32″ (4 mm) – #80 (.0135″ or .34 mm)
  • Arbor - #0 Morse for tailstock
  • Runout - .003″ or less
  • Includes - chuck key and hex key

Replacement Parts

10180 - Chuck key, 5/32″ drill chuck
10190 - Drill chuck body
12140 - Adjustable tool body for 0JT chuck
12040 - Adjustable tool body back
12050 - 8-32 x 3/8 SHCS (2)
12060 - #8 Washer (2)
12070 - 9/64 Hex key

Download PDF Instructions

Instructions PDF Download


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