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Monthly Special for September 2017
Monthly Special for September 2017

Product #: 3701/3702/3750/3725/8710

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Save 20% on an accessory for your Rotary Table!



P/N 3701 Right Angle Attachment
Regularly $78.75, Save $15.75, Now only $63

The rotary table is made even more versatile with the addition of the right angle attachment. This part has been designed to accurately align the rotary table in a vertical position while still maintaining rigidity. The rotary table is often used in the vertical position for holding an arbor when doing gearcutting or when drilling holes around the outside of a part. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Adjustable Right Angle Tailstock P/N 3702 in this capacity. All mounting hardware is included.

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P/N 3702 Right Angle Adjustable Tailstock
Regularly $78.75, Save $15.75, Now only $63

The adjustable right angle tailstock supports the end of long stock held in the rotary table when it is in the vertical position. This allows you to accurately rotate a part between centers for milling or drilling operations.

Because of "tolerance buildup" in the various parts used to place the rotary table in the 90° position, it is not possible to build a tailstock that would come out exactly on center each time. By using a split base design with slightly oversize holes, the height of the tailstock center is adjustable slightly. Once set to exactly match your rotary table/right angle attachment combination, it should not need to be readjusted. It will work with both the P/N 3701 Right Angle Attachment and the P/N 3750 Tilting Angle Table in the 90° position.

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P/N 3750 Tilting Angle Table
REgularly $115.50, Save $23.10, Now only $92.40

This accessory offers a great variety of setup options. With the base mounted square to the mill table, parts mounted to the tilted table can be machined or drilled at precise angles. It can be set at any angle from 0° to 90°. The hole pattern in the table accepts Sherline’s mill vise or rotary table. A threaded chuck mount is also included, which means parts from the lathe can have machining operations done on them without removing them from the chuck. They can then be put back on the lathe for further operations without re-centering.

With the rotary table mounted to the table and tilted, many additional machining possibilities are opened up. The pre-drilled and tapped hole pattern is laid out so that when the rotary table is rotated to the 90° position, its center is the same height as the right angle adjustable tailstock P/N 3702. This eliminates the need for the P/N 3701 right angle attachment.

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P/N 3725 Rotary Table 5" Tooling Plate
Regularly $47.25, Save $9.45, Now only $37.80

The rotary table tooling plate is just under 5-1/2″ in diameter and comes with a pattern of 10-32 holes in the surface to facilitate mounting fixtures for machining. Four countersunk holes are provided for mounting it to the T-slots in the Sherline 3700 or 8700 rotary table, and mounting screws and T-nuts are included. The 1/2″ aluminum plate is made from aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum and can be drilled and tapped with additional holes as needed for your special jobs.

The pre-drilled holes are not tapped all the way through. This is to protect the surface of the rotary table from hold-down screws that might be too long. If when tightening a hold-down screw you feel it begin to bind, that means the screw is too long and you need to remove it and use a screw of the appropriate length.

On the bottom of the tooling plate is a raised boss that registers in the center hole of the rotary table for alignment. Placing the T-nuts in the slots of the rotary table so they align with the table’s outer machined reference ring will put them in alignment with the mounting holes for easy attachment of the fixture to the table.

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P/N 8710 CNC Rotary Indexer Riser Plate
Regularly $31.50, Save $6.30, Now only $25.20

When using the P/N 8700 CNC Rotary Indexer on a Sherline mill, a riser plate is not necessary. However, because the bottom of the stepper motor mount extends slightly below the bottom surface of the rotary table, when mounting the table on a full-size mill or large, flat fixture, it will be necessary to raise the table slightly to provide clearance for the mount and stepper motor. In other words the stepper motor mount hits the table and keeps the bottom of the rotary indexer from mounting flat. For this reason, the riser plate was developed to allow flat mounting of the indexer to any surface. 

This plate is pre-drilled to allow mounting of the CNC rotary table and has four mounting holes to attach it to a Sherline mill table or to any fixture. Plans showing exact hole centers are included on page 20 of the instructions for the P/N 8700 CNC Rotary Indexer for those needing to drill a matching mounting hole pattern to attach the riser plate to their fixture. Since it is made from cast material, it is free of internal stresses and can be drilled with additional mounting holes without fear of warping. Included are three screws for attaching the table to the plate and four screws for attaching the plate to your fixture. Also included are four T-nuts should you wish to mount it to a Sherline mill table or industrial slide with T-slots sized for Sherline T-nuts.

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