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Oversize 2.5
Oversize 2.5" Handwheel

Product #: 3400/3410/3404/3414

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(NOTE: photo reference is meant to show the engraving difference of the handwheels for each axis, handwheels are sold individually)

About the Oversize 2½” Handwheel
Using a larger handwheel can give a tool a more substantial feel and make cranking easier. These large 2½” handwheels have the same number of graduated markings as the standard 1” or 2″ handwheels but offer a “beefier” feel. They can be used on either the lathe or mill.

3400/3410 - Mill X/Z axis. Lathe Z axis
3401/3411 - Mill Y axis. Lathe X axis
3404/3414 - Mill Z axis

NOTE: The Oversize 2½” handwheel is not recommended for use on the lathe tailstock as it will interfere with the leadscrew handwheel if oversize handwheels are used on both.

When upgrading handwheels, consider also the adjustable “zero” handwheels. They are available in 2″ and 2½” diameters and can make keeping track of dimensions easier.


FIGURE 1: The engraved numbers on the handwheels are oriented differently for ease of reading depending on the axis on to which they are mounted. For example, if you mount a handwheel designed for the mill X-axis on the mill Y-axis the numbers will appear upside down (handwheels shown in FIGURE 1 are not necessarily those that will ship with your order).

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