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Laser Engraving Tilting Angle Table
Laser Engraving Tilting Angle Table

Product #: 3750LAZ
Price: $260.00

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We came up with the concept of this tilting angle table for laser engraving because we realize that most laser engraving shops don’t have access to a machine shop that can make special fixtures for their parts. Most laser engraving shops have an assortment of blocks, and pins, and shims that they will use to build a “less than accurate” setup to hold parts on an angle.

This accessory offers a great variety of setup options. It was designed to accept several of our other laser engraving accessories, such as our CNC rotary table (P/N 8730) and our 3-jaw chuck with pin jaws (P/N 1140). The table also has (66) “dual purpose” 3/16″ holes. These holes are reamed on the top half to accept 3/16″ steel dowel pins (for locating parts) and tapped 10-32 on the bottom half so you can use hold-down clamps.

The tilting angle table includes the following

  • Hold-down clamp sets include:
    • (2) Hold-down clamps
    • (2) 10-24 1-1/4″ Carriage bolts
    • (1) 10-32 7/8″ Socket head cap screws
    • (1) 10-32 1-1/4″ Socket head cap screws
    • (2) 3/16″ I.D. washers
  • (6) 3/16″ x 1/2″ steel dowel pins
  • (6) 3/16″ x 1″ steel dowel pins
  • (1) Tilting angle table 3/4-16 chuck hold down

The table can be set at any angle from 0° to 90° in order to hold your part with the tapered surface perpendicular to the laser beam. The tilting angle table can be clamped to any flat surface or held in a vice. The base also has a hole pattern so it can be mounted easily to our Laser Engraving Plate & XY Slide w/18″ Table (P/N 6540LAZ).

Angle table mounted on engraving plate
Engraving laser in progress

Download PDF 3750-LAZ Instructions

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