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CNC 4-axis Driver Box and Power Supply
CNC 4-axis Driver Box and Power Supply

Product #: 8760
Price: $630.00

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The components in this driver box are the same as the ones installed in the computer itself when ordering a complete Sherline CNC system. Putting them in a separate box gives you the opportunity to set up a CNC system using a Sherline machine and Sherline stepper motors and drivers, but you can use your own computer and your choice of software to control them. The 8760 driver box has output cables for X-, Y-, Z- and A-axes. It also includes an input cable that connects to the 25-pin parallel (printer) port on your computer. Included with the driver package is a 4 amp power supply and a 2-CD set with the Linux OS and EMC 4-axis software ready to install on your computer if you choose.


Download PDF 8760 Instructions

Instructions PDF Download

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