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Monthly Special for January

Product #: January Special


* NOTE: While the gang-tooling tool post will mount on the 6″ and 8″ crosslides, its size renders it unusable on either of these two crosslides. The 13" crosslide is needed. See upgrade options below


Whether used manually or with computer control, a rotary table adds a tremendous amount of functionality to your mill. A rotary table makes it possible to mill round parts that would be too large or otherwise difficult to make on a small lathe. You can also radius the ends of a part or cut inside radii when making spokes of a wheel. In addition, circular hole patterns are a breeze, and the number of divisions is virtually unlimited, unlike when using dividing plates with fixed numbers of holes.

(Tools not included)

P/N 5930 3/8″ Gang-Tooling Tool Post
Regularly $60.00, Save $12.00, Now only $48.00

We designed our gang-tooling tool post specifically for our customers who want to convert their Sherline lathe into a “Chucker Lathe” or gang-tooling lathe. This tool post will also be the standard tool post that we will offer with our CNC Chucker Lathe (currently in development).

Our gang-tooling tool post offers a convenient and accurate way to hold up to four tools with a known centerline-to-centerline distance of 1.500″. This tool post has (4) 3/8″ holes to hold boring bars, drill chucks, or tool bushings with two locking screws for each tool.

This tool post is designed to be used with our 13″ Mill Table (P/N 50180) in place of the crosslide*. With the 13″ mill table there is enough room for this tool post, a Rear-Cutoff Tool Holder (P/N 3018), and possibly one other single tool-style tool post.

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(Tools not included)

P/N 5935 5/8″ Gang-Tooling Tool Post
Regularly $80.00, Save $16.00, Now only $64.00

Our gang-tooling tool post offers a convenient and accurate way to hold up to four tools with a known centerline-to-centerline distance of 1.500″. This tool post has (4) 5/8″ holes for customers who want to use ER16 collet holders with a 5/8″ shank.

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P/N 1294 Riser Plate for 8″ Crosslide
Regularly $55.00, Save $11.00, Now only $44.00

We designed the headstock riser plate P/N 12940 at the request of several of our customers who replaced our 6″ crosslide with the thicker 8″ crosslide P/N 60880 (manual) and P/N 67036 (CNC). Most of these customers are using our lathe as a chucker lathe with gang tooling. The problem that they were facing is that we only make two tool posts that are shorter so they will be on center when using the 8″ crosslide or 13″ mill table in place of the 6″ crosslide.

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P/N 3018 Rear Mount Cutoff Tool and Holder
Regularly $52.50, Save $10.50, Now only $42.00

This timesaving cutoff or parting tool holder is designed to hold the cutoff blade upside down for use on the “back” side of the part. This allows the holder to remain mounted to the crosslide where it is out of the way while the regular tool holder stays mounted on the front of the crosslide. A .040″ parting tool blade is included.

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P/N 7600 Insert Holder Tool Post (3/8″)
Regularly $21.00, Save $4.20, Now only $16.80

Your present Sherline tool post may be modified to accept these special tool holders, but an easier solution is Sherline’s special tool post. It is designed to fit the larger 3/8″ square and 3/8″ round tool holders commonly used for carbide, ceramic or diamond inserted tips.

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Save 15% on Additional Parts Needed to Make the Full Conversion

If you are considering purchasing one of our new gang-tooling tool posts for your lathe and you want to make the full conversion you will need the following items: the 13″ mill table, a new leadscrew. and the riser plate for the crosslide. You will need to make the choice between inch or metric, and manual or CNC. Since these parts are considered replacement parts we are offering them at a 15% discount, rather than the 20% monthly special rate.

P/N 50180 13″ Mill table Regularly $69.50, Save $10.43, Now only $59.07

P/N 50170/51170 13″ X-axis leadscrew (inch/metric) Regularly $19.00, Save $2.85, Now only $16.15

P/N 50171/51171 CNC, 13″ X-axis leadscrew (inch/metric)*  Regularly $19.00, Save $2.85, Now only $16.15

P/N 1294 Riser-block set for 13″ table (this P/N 1294 is available at the 20% monthly special rate as noted above)

* The CNC threaded rod with no handwheel adapter costs the same as the manual version.

NOTE: In the event we run out of a product offered on special, we may change the special or put the items on back order at our discretion.


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